Satues for the NGO Enprohnet


1 § Objectives


ENPROHNET, is an NGO working for a sustainable development and a sustainable lifestyle based on solidarity and cultural diversity through collaboration with schools, youth groups, women groups, governments and other NGOs in first of all West Africa but also developing countries worldwide.


To achieve the objectives, ENPROHNET will be involved in the following activities:


• implementation of projects involving sustainable solutions for sanitation, potable water, organic farming, biogas production for cooking, electricity production and fuel for cars, trains, trucks, ships and aircraft.


• implementation of a rescuing plan for the African Rain forest.


• introducing a sustainable lifestyle by promoting fair trade and organic food and clothing.


• Establishment of network collaboration projects focusing on sustainable development, fair trade, and cultural diversity.


• Integration of topical projects into the curriculum.


• Arrangement of ecocatwalks, festivals, exhibitions, seminars and workshops with focus on topical subjects.


• Funding of proposed activities through i.a. application writing to potential donors.



2 § Membership


Everyone that wants to support the objectives of ENPROHNET with sincere interest and commitment can become a member. Membership is obtained by paying the membership fee that will be settled on the annual meeting. The time for the payment is determined by the steering committee.



3 § Steering committee


The steering committee shall consist of a chairman, four more members and two deputies, all elected by the annual meeting.

The Steering make their own election of vice chairman, secretary, vice secretary, and two signatories. The committee members are elected up to the next annual meeting.

The steering committee will meet when called by the chairman or when at least two members insist on having a meeting.

The quorum for any committee meeting shall be at least three members. By equal numbers of votes will the chairman’s vote be decisive.


4 § Accounting


The accountant and two auditors will be elected during the annual general meeting.

The NGO’s accounts shall be kept on an annual basis from January to December 31. The committee’s administration shall be examined by the two auditors.

The committee is responsible for making an annual report of activities and an annual account.


5 § Meetings


The annual general meeting shall take place before the end of May. The steering committee decides where and when. Special meetings shall be held when the steering committee or the accountant, or at least 1/10 of the ENPROHNET members justifies with it. A minimum of 10 members is required. Members shall be called to the annual general meeting at least 7 days in advance. The meeting shall be announced on advised notice board.

Topical documents shall also be available.



Agenda for the annual general meeting


1. Election of chairman for the meeting.


2. Election of member to check the minutes that together with the chairman of the meeting should approve the minutes.


3. Approval of Agenda.


4. Approval of call for the meeting.


5. Presentation of the steering committee’s annual report and accounts for the previous year.


6. Presentation of Accountant’s report.


7. Approval of freedom of liability for steering committee.


8. Election of Chairman.


9. Election of 4 more members of the steering committee.


10. Election of 2 deputies.


11. Election of accountant.


12. Election of election committee, 2 members, for next year’s annual general meeting.


13. Approval of member fee for the coming year of activities.


14. Amendments.


Each present member has the right to vote. Members of the steering committee have no right to vote concerning election of accountant and approval of freedom of liability for steering committee.

Voting is made open if nothing else is demanded. By equal votes, the chairman’s vote will be decisive except by elections when the lot will yield.



6 § Amendments to the constitution

Amendments are only permitted by the annual general meeting and shall be announced in the call for the meeting. For approval at least 2/3 of the votes are demanded.


7 § Signatory

Signatory is made by the steering committee or if the steering committee agree, by two of steering committee members in common.



8 § Dissolution

Decision upon dissolution or integration into another NGO is taken in the same way as Amendments to the constitution. By dissolution of the NGO, the assets shall be given to an NGO with similar interests after agreement with topical donors.auris urna purus rutrum vitae iaculis


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